Who are they? Where are they? And more particularly what are they? If you really wonder, these few lines won't be that useful...

One‐quarter Cantonese, two‐thirds Manchou, the Chinese man appears to be from the Wu Tang Mountain, not far from Marseilles, France. In 2004, the Chinese man (as we affectionately call him) decided to send his disciples around the world to spread the Zen spirit with old music samples and supersonic bass !

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Superman Live - The 10 Years Tour
Voici un autre extrais vidéo du show exceptionnel de Suite
Worldwide Live - The 10 Years Tour
Vous l'avez attendus pendant des mois le voici enfin! Le report vidéo du 10 Years Tour... Suite
Heavy This Year Remix EP
Séance de rattrapage ! Pour les retardataires qui aurait pu manquer le coche, Suite
Remix with the Sun - CD
Remix with the Sun - CD
Chinese Man
Heavy This Year
Heavy This Year
Taiwan Mc
"Miss Chang"

Tee-Shirt Femme
Sputnik Moment - Vinyl
Sputnik Moment - Vinyl

Chinese Man


Taiwan Mc


Once Upon A Time

Chinese Man EP - 2014

Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time

The Groove Sessions Vol.3

Chinese Man - Deluxe - Taiwan Mc and more

The Groove Sessions Vol.3 The Groove Sessions Vol.3

Deluxe - Tshirts

Tour 2013

Deluxe - Tshirts Deluxe - Tshirts

The Deluxe Family Show

Deluxe - 2013

The Deluxe Family Show The Deluxe Family Show

T-shirt "The Groove Sessions"

Modele Femme - Tournee 2009/2010

T-shirt T-shirt